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Making Social Media


How it Works

Create a profile

Add as many or as few details as you want. Our privacy settings give you control over your data and each section of your profile.


Create an event or hangout! Do whatever you want to do. Great people nearby will join you.


Create lasting friendships with people you can laugh with and lean on

Chat & Discuss

Join the conversation! Each hangout has a group chat. Get to know each other a bit before meeting in-real-life.

How it Works

Create Your Profile

Customize your profile and share as much or as little as you want. Add pictures, write a short bio, and list your interests. Being yourself is what we are all about. 

Add Pictures

Share a portrait or show your hobbies, the choice is yours.

Create your Bio

Let your personality shine. This isn't LinkedIn. Have fun with it. When you are true to yourself, meeting great people is easy.

Describe your Interests

Add interests to your profile to reveal exclusive hangouts and events!

Create a Hangout

Want to start connecting with people? Create a hangout or find one near you! Relax by the lake, partying all night, or sip coffee and ideate... do what you are into!

Add a Description

Share as much as you can about your hangout so other's know what to expect!

Pick a Date

Don't talk about it... be about it! Your hangout has to happen during the next seven days!

Join the Conversation

Keep the conversation going, plan your next adventure.

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Meet Great People

Find people that get you!
Let loose and create quality friendships

Our Mission

Technology is having a profound impact on our lives. It has made it easier to get a ride, monitor your health, and stay in touch with people that live hundreds of miles away. Despite these brilliant innovations and countless platforms aimed at keeping us connected, people are lonelier than ever before – 61% of American adults are lonely as measured by the UCLA Loneliness Scale.


Connectt is built to combat this issue. We make it easier than ever to find people in your area to share experiences, interests, and laughs with.

Business, personal, or platonic
Connectt makes it easier than ever to find and build great relationships 

Our Mission
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Connectt in the News

Underneath the buzz and bustle of Silicon Valley's tech landscape, Connectt is making waves and has recently caught the eye of the San Francisco Post. Our mission to transform social media by promoting genuine, in-person connections was highlighted in their feature. Learn more about our journey, our plans for the future, and our unique approach to solving the challenges posed by traditional social media in the San Francisco Post's illuminating article.


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