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Our Story

A Modern Way to Meet Others

Technology is having a profound impact on our lives. It has made it easier to get a ride, monitor your health, and stay in touch with people that live hundreds of miles away. Despite these brilliant innovations and countless platforms aimed at keeping us connected, people are lonelier than ever before  61% of American adults are lonely as measured by the UCLA Loneliness Scale.


After being personally affected by this issue, our founder designed a platform that brings people together in-person to share interests, ideas, and experiences. The goal – enable users to find and build high quality relationships in a matter of weeks, not years.


Our Mission

Build Better Relationships

Connectt aims to enrich the lives of individuals and strengthen communities by increasing the number of meaningful interactions that occur and exist between people.


Our Approach

Stop Scrolling. Start Doing.

Shared experiences are the soil from which relationships grow. We don't try to change that. Connectt encourages people to create and join communities by nudging them toward experiences they're interested in and interactions they'll enjoy.


Seeing is Believing

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Connectt Technology Company

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